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Aurélie Bidermann | Miki Sautoir Necklace - Rose Quartz

Designer: Aurélie Bidermann


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Miki necklace covered in 750/1000 yellow gold and pendant set with a rose quartz stone.


A true ode to California, this collection transports us into a solar universe. The real rose quartz necklace and the braided mesh remind us of raw and authentic textures.

  • Wear your jewelry

    The creations of Maison Aurélie Bidermann are made from exceptional precious stones and metals chosen for their aesthetic quality and rarity. A few gestures and precautions will allow you to preserve all its beauty.

    To maintain the shine of your jewelry, it is best to avoid wearing it during activities such as:

    - The practice of sporting, aquatic (swimming pool and sea) or manual activities (gardening, cleaning, DIY, etc.).

    - Wash one's hands.

    We also recommend that you avoid exposing your jewelry:

    - Has high heat: temperature variations can irreversibly damage precious stones.

    - To corrosive or chemical products contained for example in cosmetics (perfumes, makeup, etc.).

    - To shocks.

    Store your jewelry

    It is strongly recommended that you store your Aurélie Bidermann jewelry individually in its case to prevent it from being scratched by contact with other jewelry.

    To avoid knots forming on your chains, we recommend that you attach the clasp and handle it gently.

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